Boy Meets Girl

Updated: Feb 18

Ashley is joined by returning guest Paola "PJ The Whip" Gonzalez and new to the podcast guest Mya Byrne to talk about 2014 (or maybe 2013, but according to Evilzon 2015???)'s Boy Meets Girl starring Michelle Hendley! Ashley found out about this movie searching for movies of questionable trans representation and... not to give away the episode but this is a delightful piece! There are definitely some problems, oh absolutely, but... wow! Hard to believe a lot of folks (Ashley) haven't heard of it!

Here's a link to it if you have Evilzon Prime

Here's a link to rent the DVD on Netflix

TW/CWs for the Boy Meets Girl movie itself: The R-slur, Cringeworthy trans 101 humor, mentions of suicide, attempted violence against a trans individual.

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