Episode 57 Nonbinary...ness, "Truscum," and the Contrapoints Controversy

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

Today Ashley sits down with her friend and colleague Rachel to talk about being non-binary, the perils of "Truscum" aka "Trans Medicalists," and the recent controversy with/a deep dive into the work of Natalie Wynn and her YouTube show Contrapoints.   It's going to be messy and complicated but the real question is (as always)... Is It Transphobic?

CW/TW for discussions of Non-binary erasure, and discussions of "Truscum" mentalities.  

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Natalie's Tweet we referenced

Contrapoints episodes we referenced

Opulence Transtrenders The Aesthetic Are Traps Gay Tiffany Tumbles The Darkness

A few examples people have brought up of Buck Angel we referenced

Twitter Facebook Response

Various definitions of "Truscum"




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