Minisode Interview with Emmanuel Ortiz of Nerd Caliber

Ashley sits down with Emmanuel Ortiz the creator of Nerd, Cosplay, and general pop culture media news network Nerd Caliber! Emmanuel is a cis ally and Ashley wanted to chat with Emmanuel because he has a lot of experience in content creation and in professional media, and because, Emmanuel and Nerd Caliber have created spaces to argue for queer and trans rights in popular and geek focused media, and they've been working together as friends for over a decade.

Ashley and Emmanuel recount some of the large highs and incredibly harsh lows of being in geeky media creation and coverage (Our chat talks about Emmanuel's experience dealing with racism in the industry, and we touch upon the time I was assaulted at NYCC which Emmanuel helped me deal with and you can read about here if you so choose), but more than anything Emmanuel and Ashley had a really fun conversation that she wants you to enjoy as well.

Releasing for PATREON now! Releasing Publicly February 28th!

Check out a small curated playlist of me (from years ago) interviewing folks on Nerd Caliber!

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