Space Sweepers (LIVE STREAM)

We announced earlier today that we will be livestreaming a discussion about the Netflix Movie SPACE SWEEPERS on Feb 24 at 7:30PM EST!

To give you a little more context the livestream itself will only be available to Patreon subscribers. After one week we will release the audio of the livestream to the Podcast itself. Patreon Subscribers will have access to the video any time after the stream is over however I will not be releasing the video to the public.

We wanted to do this for multiple reasons. 1) To give you all a little extra content and a thank you for being patrons. 2) Since Ashley recorded all the episodes you've been listening to over a two week period in March of 2020 some new pieces (like Space Sweepers) get released and we want to talk about them/strike while the iron is hot.

If you're already a Patron and able to make it we'd love to see you in the chat! If you're not currently a Patron, now is a great time to start!

Available to Patreon FEB 24, Audio Available Publicly MAR 03!

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